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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Triggertrap - hints and tips

These hints and tips relate to use with the Android app and a Canon 400D.

If you enable mirror lockup (Custom function 7) and use Triggertrap in Bulb mode with Cable Release (and probably other modes as well) and have the camera Drive mode set to 'Single shooting' you have to press the 'shutter' button twice to get the camera shutter to open. If you set the camera drive mode to 'Self timer/Remote control' then the shutter fires 2 seconds after the Triggertrap button is pressed.

So, the approach for long exposures in Bulb mode where you want to lock the mirror to prevent shake is to set the drive mode to 'Self timer' and accept a 2 second pause before the exposure starts.
Timewarp mode - the app takes exposures faster, then slower and then faster, depending on the type of easing selected and the associated curve. It calculates the number of pictures to take based on the total number of exposures you select and the overall time period.

However, the major failing of the app is that the number of seconds between exposures at the beginning and end of the sequence can be very small, i.e. < 1 second. The app really should take this into account and default to a minimum number of exposures per second (or a minimum number of seconds per exposure) rather than make it look like it is taking exposures when the camera has no chance of keeping up (not withstanding that different types of camera might be able to cope with different timings). Also, on looking at the app when it has settled down to (in this case) about one exposure every 12 seconds it was occasionally displaying something like "1012213344 seconds to next exposure"! I think the algorithm needs some work!

General comment on app design.

The Android app is almost unusable in bright light outside. The controls are very, very small and difficult to see. The uber-cool grey and black design might look good in the office but it does nothing for usability. Forget trying to use it with gloves on. I've had a quick look at the Apple app and the fonts are bigger. Maybe this is something to do the way the app has been ported to Android - most Android screens are bigger than Apple ones... 

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