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Monday 18 February 2013

First post

I am going to post here any jottings or musings I have about my hobbies of amateur radio and photography. They may be of use to other people, as I have found out plenty of useful information from other blogs.

My ham radio callsign is G0FCU. At the moment I am particularly interested in QRP homebrew and software defined radio (SDR) using a FunCube Dongle Pro. For  the computer part of the SDR set-up I use Linux as the operating system with gqrx as the decoding software. I intend to buy an RTL2832U dongle to further experiment in this area, particularly with ADS-B reception to decode details of the aircraft that pass over our house.

I have a Double Sideband (DSB) transceiver to complete and I also have the components to build the transmit part of my homebrew 70Mhz receive converter.

On the photography side of things I have recently bought a Triggertrap. This clever device allows me to control my camera (Canon EOS 400D) from my Android mobile phone (currently an HTC Sensation XE). This will allow me to experiment more with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and long exposure photography.

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