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Monday 16 January 2017

VLF/LF Receiver implemented in microprocessor - Hardware Configuration (Part 3 of n)

This post assumes that the RF pre-amp and audio out circuits have been built as described by I2PHD in his original paper found under the ARM Radio section of his website.

Microprocessor - STM32F746-Nucleo board.
LCD - ILI9341 driver, looks the same as this one 
Rotary encoder with integrated push switch

My code uses the following pin connections:

Component Pin  STM32F746 Pin
LCD_D0                 PC0
LCD_D1                 PC1
LCD_D2                 PC2
LCD_D3                 PC3
LCD_D4                 PC4
LCD_D5                 PC5
LCD_D6                 PC6
LCD_D7                 PC7
LCD_RST              PE2
LCD_CS                PE3
LCD_RS                PE4
LCD_WR               PE5
LCD_RD                PE6

Rotary encoder clockwise         PB4
Rotary encoder anti-clockwise  PB5
Rotary encoder centre              GND
Rotary encoder push button     PA0

RF In         PA3
Audio Out  PA4

In the next post I will describe the code I have added to support the rotary encoder functionality as well as the changes to the screen layout.

The cide is available on github link

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