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Monday 22 December 2014

2014 goals update

Earlier this year I wrote about my thirty years as a radio amateur. I created a to do list, here's how I got on:
  • Have a JT65B QSO - I have completed quite a few contacts on 10W, mainly on 17m, it is amazing how far low power can reach as I have made contacts from Japan to South America.
  • Run WSPR to test antenna configurations - I have used WSPR to check out antennas as I have made changes.
  • Receive QRSS signals - Done, see here
  • Amend my Arduino WSPR system to also transmit QRSS. I've done this, and also added transmission of Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber, see here
  • Build a 70Mhz amplifier - I completed my 70Mhz transverter by adding a 10W amplifier made by an amateuamateur in Poland. It now drives a Philips A200 linear to 50W.
  • Erect a 50/70Mhz beam - I built a 4m Moxon but still want to get something better up.
  • Have a go at meteor scatter operation on 50/70Mhz - not achieved, the 4/6m beam is a prerequisite.
  • Receive signals bounced off the moon. Not achieved, I'm going to take it off the list.
  • Do some portable HF operating with my FT-817. Not really achieved, apart from one contact while on holiday.
  • Get my CW speed back up to something usable - I think this is a long shot but it needs to be on the list! It's improving but still a little way to go.

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