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Sunday 25 May 2014

4 metres contest

Screenshot of my QSO's in the 70Mhz Cumulative contest on  25 May 2014

Many years ago I participated in many VHF and UHF contests with the G4VAT contest group so I sort of got drawn into this 70Mhz contest today. I have described my new 70Mhz elsewhere on this blog and this was a good opportunity to give it a good try out with my homebuilt Moxon Rectangle antenna.

The result was that I worked all the stations that I heard, except one who was a long 230 miles away. He heard me on an aircraft reflection but it didn't last long enough for a full exchange.

I was pleased to note that most signal reports I received were reciprocal to those that I gave out. There was deep QSB on most signals and comments made by stations who have submitted logs also note the QSB and generally poor conditions.

Here is a link to my contest QSO's in an interactive Google map

I have just submitted my log to the RSGB contest committee site and I have claimed the grand total of 825 points!

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